LToon & MM Drought Ended

Sorry for the long pause in updates for LToons and Mish Mashes, but here's a healthy dose (LT 1441-1450 and MM_766-780). Any comments via the Forum are welcome and (...)

Lorna Samuels | 03/23/2017

VAINGIRLS 2800's: The 30's and the 40's

Here's 2821-2840. Enjoy, and COMMENT over at The Forum if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

This may be the last for awhile. I create these on an iMac running OSX.4.11, and it is heading downhill fast. The apps I use will not work on my new computers and I haven't been able to find equivalents that will. So, if it can't be fixed, this old dog will have to quit or learn new tricks. (...)

Jezzi Stewart | 03/02/2017

VAINGIRLS: Into the 2800's!

Here's 2801-2820 in a new album. Be sure to check out the poem beneath 2807. 

Enjoy and leave a COMMENT, if you like, over at The Forum.

      Hugs, Jezzi

Jezzi Stewart | 01/28/2017

HAPPY 2017 and welcome to VAINGIRLS 2800 and beyond

We finish 2016 with numbers 2781 to 2800!. The next post will start with 2801 in a new folder for the 2800's.

Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum.

Hugs Jezzi

PS - It's getting harder and harder to find suitable actual comic book covers for originals, so I've been forced to go to a number of other sources. Two of the most prolific are sewing pattern envelopes and (...)

Jezzi Stewart | 01/03/2017

Holiday Infusion

Happy Holidays to ALL. Please enjoy the 10 newest LToons (LT1231-40) that have been added to the archive. Comments are encouraged via the Forum.

Lorna Samuels | 12/22/2016


Here's 2761-2780. Only twenty more to 2800!

Enjoy, and please COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Hugs, Jezzi

Jezzi Stewart | 12/07/2016

Update of LToons

Here is another update of 15 LToon panels (LT1216-1230). Please over feedback via the Forum.

Lorna Samuels | 12/02/2016

Jessica Robbit starts out a new twenty for VAINGIRLS!

Here's 2741-2760. Enjoy and, if you kike, COMMENT over at The Forum.

Hugs, Jezzi

Jezzi Stewart | 11/17/2016

VAINGIRLS: Deeper Into The 2700's!

Here's 2721-2740!  Enjoy and COMMENT over at The Forum, if you like.

Id like to acknowledge and reccomend two excellent blog sources of potential TG material: Vivat Vintage, over four hundred pages, mostly from The Australian Women's Weekly magazine and My Vintage Vogue (...)

Jezzi Stewart | 10/27/2016

Big Update * MishMashes + LToons

Announcing the addition of more MishMashes (MM751-765) and LToons (LT1201-1215).  The encouragement is suggested that provide feedback/comments be provided via the Forum.

Lorna Samuels | 10/16/2016